In a world that’s becoming more and more pre-fabricated it’s important to keep the food we consume close to its natural state. Many factors influence the choice to go for organic food, including no synthetic pesticides, no GMO’s, good animal welfare, sustainable farming and, very important, rich in nutritions. At Loulouka, we’ve chosen to create products that are 100% organic certified which will cater to the healthy growth of little ones and also have a limited impact on the environment.

 Loulouka is made in Switzerland from the best Swiss organic milk. No artificial pesticides or herbicides are used at Swiss organic farms. Most of the milk comes from farms located in the Swiss Alps. Loulouka Organic Infant Formula is a complete breast milk substitute for feeding newborns and infants. It can also be combined with breastfeeding. After 4 months, a bottle supplement can be added depending on the individual needs of your baby.

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