Nanny Care Goat

Nannycare was started 27 years ago by Claire Magee, who set out on a journey to have goat milk formula recognised in the UK and Europe as nutritionally equivalent to cow’s milk formula. Claire continues to lead her team at Nannycare today.

Nanny Care chooses the finest, pure whole goat milk as the protein base for all formulas, retaining as far as possible the milk’s natural goodness. They add vital ingredients to meet regulatory levels, avoiding unnecessary additions. With a heritage of 27 years, their caring philosophy is fundamental to our business as pioneers in our journey to have goat milk recognized for use in baby formula in the UK, as it is in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Breastfeeding is undoubtedly best for babies, but we’re proud to say our nutritionally complete infant formula is clinically tested, regulated, safe and approved under UK and EU legislation, to provide parents with genuine, proven choice.

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