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About us

Being a mother is a gift!
To begin, I'd like to congratulate you on having a baby! May you and your newborn enjoy health and happiness!
Let me introduce myself. I'm the mother of the adorable baby Diana. I felt like the happiest woman in the world when I realized that I was pregnant. During my whole pregnancy, I read many books and watched many videos. I was sure that I would breastfeed my baby, and I did everything to achieve this goal. I believed that a mother's milk is priceless. It gives your baby all the vitamins, minerals and protection that he or she needs.
But my dream of breastfeeding didn't come true; after 1 month, I stopped producing milk because of stress. I was not prepared for that, and I did everything I could to make my milk come back. Unfortunately, it didn't happen, and our baby cried and cried, sleeping for almost 24 hours. After few sleepless days and nights, I decided to try formula. This decision was very difficult for me; I can't describe my feelings, but if you read this probably you know what I felt. I started to research which formula is the best.
My research showed me that European formula is better for babies; it's organic and made from demeter milk. So I bought few boxes of Holle to try it, and my baby really loved it. We use this formula every day, and my baby is growing very well, doesn't have any stomach problems, sleeps well, and is happy.
That's why I decided to share with you these amazing products from the best European brands - Holle and Hipp. The second reason why we started our business was to make European baby products affordable for every mom. I had this revelation when I was searching for formula on other websites and realized that price was much higher than it should be.
We import our products directly from the official wholesaler in Germany; that's why they are irradiation FREE! Also, we will move mountains to provide you the best price on the market and excellent customer service!
Baby Diana and I invite you to our store and wish you and your baby all the best!
Have a nice day!