Loulouka Organic Fruit Baby Puree MY ABC's Apple Banana Carrot (90g) from 6 months

$2.95 $3.50

Loulouka Baby Purees are the best choice of the highest quality organic food. They can be used for babies from 6 months. Originally made in Switzerland. Your baby will enjoy it!

Why Loulouka Organic Fruit Baby Puree MY ABC’s?

  • Made from ORGANIC fruits
  • No GMO and added sugar
  • Free of eggs, soy and gluten
  • No chemicals and flavors
  • Vegan


  • 75% Organic Apple Puree
  • 20% Organic Carrot Puree
  • 5% Organic Banana Puree
  • Organic Lemon juice concentrate
  • Ascorbic Acid

      It can be daunting as a new mother or parent to find the best formula for your child. We are here to help you! Our products ensure that both the baby and the parents will be satisfied with your purchases. 

      We often get many questions about which formulas are the best options for their baby’s specific needs. As parents ourselves, we have put together a simple (table, graph, chart etc) to give you the answers you need to make an informed decision.

      Before choosing a formula, answer the following two questions:

      1. What problem does my baby have?

      My baby has:Formula that we recommend:
      No Problems  - just want to give my baby the best nutritionLoulouka, Holle Cow’s, Holle Goat’s, Hipp Combiotik
      Stomach Issues (gas, colic, constipation)Hipp Combiotik, Hipp Comfort, Holle Goat, Loulouka
      Milk protein allergy, ekzemaHipp HA, Holle Goat, Nanny Care
      RefluxHipp Anti Reflux

      2. Age?

      From birth  till 6 monthsStage 1, Stage PRE
      from 6 till 10-12 monthsStage 2
      From 10-12 months Stage 3
      from 12 monthsStage 4

      And to correctly calculate the cost of the formula and order exactly the amount you will need, take into account the following information:

      3.How many oz one box does make?

      Holle cow’s PRE/ stage 190 oz
      Holle cow’s stage 2/3/4130 oz
      Holle goat’s stage 1/2/390 oz
      Loulouka stage 1/2/3225 oz
      Hipp Combiotik German version stage 1/2/3130 oz
      Hipp Combiotik Dutcch version stage 1/2/3180 oz
      Hipp Combiotik UK version stage 1/2180 oz
      Hipp Combiotik UK version stage 3130 oz
      Hipp HA stage PRE/1/2130 oz
      Hipp Comfort, Hipp AR110 oz
      Nanny Care stage 1/2/3180 oz

      Below you will find a comparison table of ingredients to help you with your planning.

      View Full Product Table

      If you have any questions about choosing a formula, we are happy to answer all questions. Write to us on our Facebook page or at best4yourbabyshop@gmail.com 

      Bon appetit!